In The Dog House


Hi! My name is Vickey Guttormson. I am an Dog Obedience/Behaviour Trainer. I have been training for a number of years and was also a breeder. I decided a in 2011 to stop breeding Labrador Retrievers and start to help people train and understand their dogs more.
I grew up with the love of animals and would always bring home or feed the cats around our home. I started breeding dogs and was told by a new breeding friend, that I was a great breeder for the commitment and care that I did for the mother and her new borns. Almost to the point of spoiling them. I always made sure the pups, learned to be socialized with different people and always wanted friends or neighborhood children to come play with the pups. The more I could get the pups to experience new environments, noises, other animals and people the better the dogs are when they grow up.

I volunteered my time with 4 Paws K9 Club, as an obedient trainer assistant and decided to open my own business. I have found my passion in life with dog training. There are so many people that need to learn to understand dogs, I not only want to teach people how to have an obedient dog, but also for them to understand a dogs behaviour. I still volunteer with this club, and hope to only open more doors for them and for myself.
In 2014, I have started up on my own to educate people on their dogs and to help people read dog body language, so they can better understand their dogs.  I have seen lots of dogs abandoned or given up from their owners, only to know that they never did understand their dogs.  We have to remember that we are making these animals live our way of live and by our rules, a way of life that is not natural for them.  I want to help people to understand their canine's better and to have a great companion in your household.

I have become a Foster Coordinator in 2012 for Lend A Paw Animal Rescue. I volunteer all my time with such a caring group of people and help train the rescue dogs, so they can be calm, happy, obedeint dogs for their new owners. Through this organization, I want people to understand what fostering is about and what these rescue dogs have gone through, when they get fostered or adopted out. Alot of these dogs are stressed, just from the rescue and being kenneled and going into strange foster homes, that are trying to train them and inforcing a new routine and rules for them, to get them into their forever homes.

The time and research and lessons that I have learned throughout the years have giving me alot of knowledge of the behaviours of the canine. Also, the understanding of the canine's ancestors, the wolf, help you gain more knowledge of the cainine behaviour. I also, have a huge support system of friends, family, other obedeince trainer and dogs that have helped me! I thank them all for every kind word and support to get me to this point.