In The Dog House


 For Home Visits:

For behaviour problems at home and one-on-one owner/dog training.
In-Home Training: $30.00 per hour
Out-of -town In-Home Training will depend on the distance I have to travel.  Mileage fee will be applied.
Up coming Classes with depend on the rent of the facility.
Puppy Classes( 2 months to a 8 months) - $120.00
Lesson involves: Quiet time, Puppy to puppy play and greet, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Controlled leash handling, Jumping, Health care (brushing, nail trimming, etc.)
Adult Classes ( 8 months to Over a Year) - $120.00
Lesson Involves: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Recalls, Leave stuff, Give stuff, Heal around to right and left sides, Healing on lead,
Crate Training
Lesson Involves:  Getting your dog comfortable with the crate, training your dog to enter crate, leave crate when commanded, learning crate games with your dog.
Private Lessons Deals:
1 to 4 week Lessons: $90.00
1 to 8 week Lessons: $120.00
Extra lessons (Private) after 8 weeks $30.00
More to come and lesson plans to be complete yet!
Fun Games
and much more!!!